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How do I reserve a photography service?

In order to reserve a service, please create an account and the process should be straightforward, streamlined, and efficient.

What happens if the date for my service is no longer available?

Pending the circumstance, you will lose the deposit made to reserve that date. However, special circumstances do exist and we understand so kindly get in touch.

What happens if the date for my service cannot be fulfilled by us after we've confirmed the date?

We will refund you 105% of your deposit and give you at least 2 weeks notice. This rarely happens and we would hope you consider us in the future.

Why should I provide the month and day of my birthday?

Why, it's your birthday of course. Providing this information allows us to provide special promotions around your birthday as well as saying thank you.

Can I make changes to my reservation after the deposit has been made?

Yes, the system will allow you to edit and make changes that don't require re-confirmation such as change in location etc, however, if it does not, please give us a call to address your concerns.

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