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About Us

Who We Are?

Our humble beginnings started back in 2011 utilizing amateur equipment and advanced knowledge to create beautiful imagery. As time progressed, so did our need to buy more professional equipment as there's only so much you can do with knowledge (higher quality equipment encapsulates knowledge). However, recently, towards the middle of 2017, we've upgraded our equipment to an advanced professional level. Our knowledge on what creates a stunning image is finally matched by our equipment. This means you'll witness stellar results regardless of what service you need.

Our process has also evolved quite a bit over the years. Have you ever wondered when your images will finally get delivered or had to search for a specific email through a bunch of back and forth with a photographer? Well, worry no more. Our current process is designed with you in mind. You'll know the exact stage of your request at all times by simply logging in. You can also communicate directly with us, that way you'll have all relevant communications in one area. The process itself will lend to better results because as you go through it, you'll begin to think of answers to questions you've never thought about, which makes the end result much better for all. We are your photography shop and you should EXPECT the best. Create an account now to streamline the process of requesting a service (or two ;).

Meet Jimi

Master Photographer

Jimi A

Jimi is head photographer and has over 6 years of professional photography experience while recording over 150,000 professional images. Through all of the options available in a professional camera, he has mastered his tool along with important concepts such as lighting and metering that will benefit your request. He is excited about creating beautiful images that make your guests, family, and friends say wow!

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