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Our Process

Service Request

Once you are ready to request a photography service, please click here in order to experience a streamlined process

Designed with you in mind!

Request Submitted : After creating your account and logging in, you create a service request by clicking the form and filling out the relevant details based on the type of service you are trying to have performed.

Request Confirmed : After receiving the request, we confirm it if we have availability and resources.

Deposit Made : After the request has been confirmed, you will have 3 days to pay your deposit. If your deposit is not paid within that period, the date and time of your service may be re-allocated to other clients.

Service Performed : The service is performed on the scheduled date and time.

Processing Finished : The service is completed by finishing the images and putting them into a location reachable by you. You'll know where to find your images and if you requested a photo shoot, you'll be able to enter the images you want professionally retouched.

This is our process in a nutshell. What you will find is a seamless experience dealing with your photography requests as all of the information that a photographer needs to know depending on your needs will be submitted by you, which in turn will give excellent, streamlined, and quick results. And since the cycle repeats itself, the results will be even better the next time around. Please sign up and log in now to enter a request so that we can solve your photography needs in magnificent manner.

After you have requested a service in the secure client area of the website, you will see your request move through the stages below as outlined above. Each stage is automatically updated based upon action by us or you.


Wedding ...


Photo Shoot ...

We're showing Up

Engagement ...

Service Completed

Family Session ...

Photos Uploaded/Mailed

Baby Shower ...

Unfortunately, we sometimes have to decline a request if we have a blackout date. If that is the case, we will inform you of options if your request cannot be changed to a different date and time.


Wedding ...

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